I’m a children’s author, mother of four, and the founder of Sweet Mother. I help mums like me experience inner joy by connecting them with the people, tips, ideas and tools they can use to truly celebrate and be joyful in this one life.

I founded Sweet Mother because motherhood is challenging and exhausting for me and a lot of mums but somehow, I know we can find joy even in our everyday moments. Life gets easier when you are joyful. Life gets more interesting when you know you can shine your light irrespective of your circumstances. And I’m not talking about a fake-it-til-you-make-it attitude, but genuine inner joy.


Having spent my childhood in Nigeria and my adult life in London and now as a mum, things like culture, mindset, experiences of our mothers and a host of other things come into play in this journey of motherhood.

I founded Sweet Mother because I’m on a quest to find out from other mums, experts, entrepreneurs, change-makers, solutions to not only finding joy, but keeping it. It will gladden my heart my share my findings with you.


Before Sweet Mother, I founded Reading Matters With Iffy, where I inspire the love of reading through books and telling stories to children in primary schools.

I love early morning walks and outdoor activities with the children. I love reading books and I’m now a little obsessed with listening to audiobooks.

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