• Iffy Chukwu

Ep01: Conversations With My Mum

Dear Friends, today I’m introducing you to my amazing, fabulicious mother! My mum is a rare gem. A mother of four (all girls...beg your pardon...all ladies!) Grandma to fourteen! (I doubt if there’s anymore on the way!) Lol!

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Today, I was honoured to have my mum talk about one or two things within the framework of SWEET MOTHER PODCAST - J.O.Y.F.U.L. Trust her, she talked some more! I definitely will be having more conversations with her, as there are areas I did not cover and would love to. For now, please meet my mother, Catherine!


*Early childhood in Northern Nigeria.

*The joys and challenges of her nursing career.

*Juggling life a mother, wife and nurse.

*What was I like as a child?

*Her parenting style.

*Getting children involved in family life.

*Advice for new and experienced mums.

I will forever treasure this interview – basically because I got to reconnect with my mum. So many do not have the opportunity of reconnecting with their loved ones. Listening as she poured out her heart was very enriching and uplifting. I’m glad she’s my first story/guest on this podcast because she has paved the way for more blessings! Dear friends, you will LOVE this episode.

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