• Iffy Chukwu

Ep02: A Mother’s Power Hour: Making the Most of Your Morning

Updated: May 28, 2019

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Can you imagine waking up very early tomorrow morning, like, actually getting out of bed, one or two hours before your usual waking up time?  Are you panicking at the thought? Are you thinking, “Well, I’m not an early morning person” “I work through the night so that’s impossible.” “I’m up at night cleaning the mess in my house.” “I always catch up with my TV shows late in the night, so naaaa”  I’m with you!

Waking up earlier than my usual time was not funny at all, at first! But after sometime, I realised that if my early mornings, gave me the power to accomplish certain goals before the kids woke up, then I would do anything to keep accomplishing these goals. As a mother, the goals that contribute to my joy are worth my time!

If you are not a “morning person”, there are times of the day when you can still be productive and make it your power hour. Our bodies and lifestyles are different but personally I prefer getting things done and over with in the mornings.

Today on the show, I talked about

*The benefits of waking up earlier than the rest of the family.

*Actionable tips to make us ALL want to make the most of our mornings.

If you do wake up early, how has it been for you?

If you don’t, please start! Challenge yourself.

If you do wake early, and don’t know what to do in that time, please contact me!

So here we go! Get the episode right now. Press play!

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