The Sweet Mother Podcast

Are your ready be joyful? Are you ready to shine your light? Are you looking for how to value your everyday moments? Are you looking for tips and ideas to help you juggle motherhood in in less exhausting ways? 

Join best-selling African children’s author, and YouTube host, Iffy Chukwu, who believes that today’s mother needs a special kind of strength and hope.

Iffy uses this platform to express motherhood adventures in the arena of Mum Life, Books, Faith and Creative Passion.

In the podcast episodes, you can expect to find inspirational life chats, tips and ideas. Plus, you will be able to listen to interviews by incredible people just like you who embrace their everyday moments irrespective of what life has thrown at them. Hoping all this, would inspire, encourage and help you value your time and live a better life.


Sweet mother is dedicated to loving who you are, the journey you’re on and the J.O.Y.F.U.L. life you want to live.


Get ready for a lot of good stuff, a little laughter and a lot of motivation to help you shine your light and value these moments that exists.

“Shine your Light | Value your everyday moments| Be strong in the Lord” 

Who is the Host?

Iffy Chukwu is a mother and children’s author, speaker and host of The Sweet Mother, a YouTube channel. She is a reading advocate. Her children’s books My Name is Kosi Kamsi and A Week of Tortoise Tales have been shared in various schools in the UK and Nigeria, where she also teaches on the impact of families loving to read books together. She is also the founder of Reading Matters With Iffy on YouTube, where she does Storytime for families.

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